Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Having carpet in your home or office space is quite common these days. Whether you use a woolen carpet or one made of synthetic fibers, your carpet is sure to get very dirty when it’s used for a long time. A great way to protect your carpets is to schedule a regular carpet cleaning.

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How long does a carpet last?

Depending on the quality & type of materials used, the usage rate, and the type & frequency of cleaning, your carpet can last for 3-10 years. The only way to draw out the life span of your carpet is to take care of it in the right way.

Often, property owners are unaware of the right carpet cleaning practices. A one-off vacuuming will not get rid of the grime that’s soaked deep inside your carpet or remove any stains. You’ll need professional help with this.

Safeguard your company’s reputation and keep your floors in brilliant condition with our help. We have over 30 years’ experience in commercial janitorial services, and we specialize in floor stripping & waxing.

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Carpet Longevity

Our janitorial teams are highly-experienced in carpet cleaning, and we can help you increase your carpet’s lifespan. Not only do we vacuum your carpets regularly, but we will also wash them, dry them, and sanitize them so that we can get rid of all the grime and germs inside.

When you maintain a proper carpet cleaning schedule, you ensure that stains and dirt are easy to dislodge. The techniques we employ are great on tough stains, but they’re also gentle on your carpets, ensuring the fibers don’t molt once the cleaning is over.

Does a carpet really hold so much grime?

Studies show that carpets can hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s way more than what you’d find in your toilet bowl!

Apart from this, are the pounds of dirt in the form of dead skin cells, dead bugs/worms, mold, pollen, food particles, mud from outside, and cat/dog litter. Research shows that the average carpet can hold up to 4X its weight in dirt. Often, carpets that are dirty just appear clean because the dirt is transparent or is invisible to the naked eye.

With so much lodged or living in your carpets, don’t you think it’s time to schedule a professional deep cleaning?

The carpet cleaning methods our specialists use

Our carpet cleaning experts use a combination of techniques to clean the carpets at your home/office:

• Steam cleaning to wash-off dirt.
• Dry cleaning to vacuum/scrape-off grime.
• Spin bonnet to deep clean large swathes.
• Carpet shampooing to kill germs.

Depending on the condition of your carpet, we decide which techniques to use. We usually pre-spray the dirtiest areas or high-traffic spots of your carpet, so the grime is easier to remove.

Drying Time

Although it’s recommended that you not use your carpets for at least a full day after it’s been cleaned, the use of fans allows us to reduce the wait time to a minimum.

Now you don’t have to delay your day-to-day activities waiting for your carpets to dry.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that every residential or commercial establishment get their carpets deep cleaned once every 12-18 months. You can get them cleaned much earlier as well, depending on their usage.  

The best time to get your carpets cleaned is the weekend. Since most employees don’t work on the weekends, you can set them aside to dry after being cleaned. For homeowners, it’s best to schedule carpet cleaning during the weekdays when the kids are at school. 

Can’t afford to spare your carpets even for a day? 

If you’re a hotel, restaurant, hospital, bank, religious establishment, mall, retail store, call center, and so on, you may work all seven days of the week. So, you may be unable to spare your carpets for an entire day until they dry. 

That’s okay.

We recommend the dry-cleaning method in such instances. Here, we vacuum your carpet to suction-out large particles. Then, we apply a coat of dry cleaning agents and disinfectants and allow them to rest. Next, we suction-off the powders using the vacuum cleaner or a carpet comb/brush or our hands. Grime is quickly removed, and you won’t even have to take out the carpet. 

Even with our wet cleaning techniques like the spin bonnet or shampooing, we can use powerful machines and multiple bonnets that can reduce the time taken for the carpet to dry. Let us know what you need, and we’ll help you with it. 

Carpet Restoration 

Our priority is to help you get clean carpets within hours, through tailored to your needs carpet cleaning services. Our team of janitors is extremely experienced in handling tough stains and grime. You can rest assured that once we’re done, you’ll have carpets that look positively brand new.