Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Get bright and clean windows for your commercial property

There’s nothing worse than looking out of your office window and seeing it completely clouded and smudgy. A clean and clear window that offers spectacular views of the outside world can make your workplace look professional and classy. Even in retail stores, clean windows can improve customers’ opinion about you and increase your likelihood of sales.

Additionally, a clean window also acts as a great safety measure, helping you keep track of what’s going on outside your work premises. When your windows overlooking your parking lots and factory floors are clean and transparent, you’ll be able to avoid accidents and keep your staff safe.

Timely window cleaning is necessary to get rid of the spots, grime, and fingerprints that accumulate on your windows. We are a premier commercial janitorial service provider for Los Angeles County. We work with commercial and industrial facilities, providing scheduled window cleaning. If you’d like to learn more about our service or would like to schedule a site visit, contact us today.

What We Can Do For You

With over three decades of experience providing professional window cleaning services to our commercial clients. We can help you with:

• Screen cleaning
• Pane dusting & wiping
• Stain & fingerprint wipe down
• Glass spraying & cleaning
• Window exterior cleaning

We can also help you with window disinfection & sanitization. In the workplace, windows get touched a lot, especially when they are opened and closed. This constant touching can transfer grease, oil, dust, fingerprints, grime, watermarks & microbes from their hands onto the window. Together, these pollutants can not only cloud your window and make it opaque, but they can bring down the overall appearance of the workplace. Regular window cleaning can give you pristine clear windows providing an overall better appearance.

Experience working on all types of windows

Every company has its own distinct style. You may have used a window design that is unique to you. Our skilled and qualified janitors have experience cleaning all types of windows, including:

• Single & double-hung windows
• Arched windows
• Awning windows
• Bow windows
• Bay windows
• Casement windows
• Egress windows
• Hopper windows
• Circular, glass block & Jalousie windows
• Shopfront windows
• Skylights
• Sliding glass windows
• Storm windows

Benefits of Cleaning Windows

 We can handle cleanings at all levels of complexity

Whether you’re a single-story office or a multi-story mall, our window cleaners have the expertise needed to clean all types of commercial properties. We follow the most stringent safety practices to ensure that your windows on higher floors are cleaned perfectly, and our staff is safe while they work.

We have state-of-the-art window cleaning technology at our disposal

Companies that want to do their own in-house cleaning may not be able to afford the best-in-class cleaning technology that professional agencies like us can. We use the most powerful window cleaning equipment to quickly wash your windows and return them to their spotless condition.

We use cleaning agents that are powerful and long-lasting

The type of cleaning agents we use are very powerful, capable of removing the most stubborn stains and marks. Some of the formulations we use are designed to erode any chemical build-up on your windows, making them spick and span.

Our products are also very body-safe, making them perfect for cleaning windows on high-traffic paths.

We can offer extremely affordable packages

We  have no long-term contracts with our clients. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and daily window cleaning services, depending on your needs. Our window cleaning packages are extremely budget-friendly, and you can avail of long-term discounts by partnering with us today.

Say goodbye to blurry windows from today

We focus on client satisfaction and comfort. That is why we have in-place industry-best window cleaning practices. Once we’re through with them, you will have a cleaner and more professional space.

In addition to window cleaning, we offer a range of janitorial services. You can pick and choose the services you want and create a customized janitorial package that suits your requirements.

The value we offer

Contact us for window cleaning services. Our teams are extremely punctual and professional. You can trust us to take good care of your professional property when we work.