Stripping & Waxing

Stripping & Waxing

Strip & wax your floors with expert help

The first thing your customers or visitors should see when they enter your commercial property is a clean floor. A lot of customers, vendors, employees, and visitors will get a first impression as soon as they walk in through the front door. Seeing shabby and ill-kept floors can detract from your professionalism.

Maintain your companies PR and keep your floors in brilliant condition with our help. We have over 30 years’ experience in commercial janitorial services, and we specialize in floor stripping & waxing.

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Floor Maintenance Through The Ages

As long as people have walked, floors have been cleaned. The only differences between then and now are the cleaning agents used and the floor cleaning practices.

In the ancient days, people would use anything easily available and which could peel off the layers of dirt accumulated on the floors. And so, sand, abrasive cloth, and hot ash were used to clean and shine floors. Today, we have given up these ancient practices and use a variety of very effective cleaning techniques that are designed specifically to strip grim off of the floors, returning them to a clean and shiny condition.

Custom Floor Care

Do your vinyl floors need a shine? Has a lot of molds accumulated on your restroom tiles? Irrespective of what the problem is, our team of highly experienced janitors is capable of caring for your floors.

We have experience working on all types of floors, such as: 

• Vinyl

• Laminate

• Tiles

• Natural stone

• Hardwood (natural & engineered)

• Linoleum

• Carpeted floors

We understand the intricate properties of each type of floor. We apply those specific products and practices which can remove the most stubborn layers of grime from your floor without damaging them in any way. Once you partner with us, we create a custom floor care schedule that suits your floor type and ensures your floors remain clean, aesthetic, and durable.


Two Step Process

Stripping is the process of stripping-away, & removing any dust, dirt, grime, oil, food particles, chemicals, mold, microbes, and such, which have accumulated on your floor. Over a few months, your floors will start to accumulate layers of such grime, which will begin to mask yours floors, making your property look shabby. In the floor stripping process, we use a specially-formulated cleaning agent to loosen the grime on the floor. Next, we use a floor cleaning equipment to which an abrasive pad, to scrape-off the grime, thus effectively removing those layers of dirt.

Next, we complete the floor cleaning process by waxing your floors. When applied to your floors, it helps restore their natural appearance and returns your floor’s brightness and shine. 

Maintaining Your Floors

You’ll need to keep your floors unused for a few hours after stripping and waxing, to ensure the finish is perfect. This is why we recommend that you have your floors cleaned on the weekends or anytime where there is no foot traffic.

Depending on how much your facility’s floors are used, we would recommend getting your floors buffed at regular intervals. This will maintain the shine from the stripping and waxing.

After about 3-4 months, you can get a scrub and wax, where several layers of dirty wax will be removed, and new wax will be applied and buffed. This will ensure a cost effective program which will maintain . Our qualified commercial floor cleaners are here to help you when the time comes. We work on a long-term contract basis, and we’ll create a floor cleaning schedule that suits your bespoke needs.

The Locations We Serve

At Clean Environment Janitorial Agency Inc, we serve commercial properties in Los Angeles County and go as far as San Bernardino.